Sunday, July 3, 2011

Video Sunday

Let's enjoy a little variety show before Will cooks up the MLS Grinder...

Let's begin with a quick look at my hunch pick to win Copa América, Uruguay.

Let's check back with the USWNT to get some thoughts from a few of the ladies responsible for yesterday's big win over Colombia.

Hey, ya know how all those Mexico players kept testing positive for banned substances? The reason behind is actually quite sad. If I may step on a soapbox... people in North America need to make food companies stop filling their products with crazy growth hormones and the like. This is not just a Mexico problem with one substance. I'll be forthright; whenever I go visit home, the food always makes me very feel sluggish and heavy and ill. There's just too much salt, too many chemicals and pesticides, too many additives, and it's all there in the most readily available, cheapest, easiest food. I really notice it because I'm now so accustomed to affordable fresh food, and frankly it scares me. It's not good what they will do to make money and we are the only ones who can force them to feed us right by voting with our dollars.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">FIFA warns Mexican National Team</a>

Wanna see the most amazing missed penalty call of all-time? I give you Equatorial Guinea and referee Gyoengyi Gaal.

Finally... you just gotta love Dutch people. And specifically in this case, VVV Venlo.

- Greg Seltzer


Micah said...

I think Uruguay has a really good chance of taking this Copa America. Especially if Lodeiro can develop into that creative midfielder. That is all they are missing. Their strike force is the best in the tournament.

strago said...


You stole my pick for Copa. Secondly, I totally agree with you about the food here in the states. I actually gave up high fructose corn syrup about 2 months ago and I feel 100% better than I ever did before. It's in EVERYTHING so it forces me to eat fresh. The only downside is my grocery bill has gone up by 40% because fresh food is so much more expensive.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, it costs more and requires more effort back home, but it makes life a lot better and save you in later health costs 10 fold.

It's especially important for kids, so I'm always glad to find somebody who makes that extra effort for their family. That's awesome.