Friday, July 1, 2011

Who likes goodies?

I was going to do a Video Friday, but let's just push that to the weekend...

  • Let's begin with a story. Once upon a time, a guy reported from a far away land that PSV was among the teams scouting NYRB defender Tim Ream. And then one place altered it to PSV wanted Tim Ream, they needed Tim Ream! Then another bumped it up to PSV was in talks for Tim Ream!!! Eventually, enough tabloid outlets from that far away land falsely used his quotes to falsely claim that OMG TIM REAM IS ON THE VERGE OF JOINING PSV that an actual newspaper picked it up!!!!! It got so out of hand that even the most respected outlet from that far away land was suckered by the back corridor chat in that far away land that they claimed that, based on the original correct reporting, Tim Ream was weighing a PSV offer among many others!!!!!!! But the deal was nearly done with PSV, and thus too bad so sad for all you bridesmaid LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya know, I try really hard to word things in a precise manner to give only the indication desired. I realize how these things can be spun out of control, but normally they don't finger me in the false claim across two hemispheres. It's more than a bit annoying.

    Let me go ahead and try this again, so at least folks can stop claiming I did anything other than report a good player being monitored by a cool team:

    PSV has not made an offer or even official contact over Tim Ream.

    Period. End of.

    Incredibly, I will be filing a report before long on how PSV has not yet done any of this besides watching the guy with interest - like I reported before.
  • And meanwhile, I get quotes from AZ exec Earnie Stewart that they are in deep talks for Jozy Altidore and that story has somehow yet to rise above barely noted "rumor" status in the rest of American press.

    (bewildered expression)

    FYI: The word is that Ajax expect to be able to present Kolbeinn Sigthórsson in the next few days, which should domino directly into Altidore's move. At this moment, I can find no late hijackers or deal breakdowns here. It looks like a go.

    Now don't go spread around that I said the deal was 100% done. I know you so want to.
  • Hey, remember last week when I told you the Alejandro Bedoya race had cooled off? Never mind. You can remove those scarves and jackets now.

    Rangers remain the odds-on favorite, but there is a Dutch club and a French club (I've yet to place either, but have a scent) and perhaps other clubs I've yet to detect that will not go gently into that good night.

    Basically, it seems some folks are suddenly getting more serious about snagging him in August. And as that Swedish transfer window does not open until next month, let's project this scene to play out somewhat slowly. At least, that will give me time to do more digging.
  • Alright, try not to spaz out one way or the other. I've learned that there are clubs in France (not sure if L1 or L2 or both) and Turkey's top flight, among possibly others, expressing an initial interest in Freddy Adu.

    At this time, I am not aware of any MLS options and I have yet to confirm a Portuguese buzz that Benfica actually may bring him into camp for a "just in case" look-see. I'll need to see some real evidence before I believe either of these things is about to happen.
  • A new free agent, Lee Nguyen is exploring potential options in MLS, Denmark and Portugal. However, I get the sense that the interest from multiple other clubs in Vietnam may keep him there (where dude's like a rock star) and that Europe is preference #2. It's still early in the situation, though, much can happen.
  • That promised Djibril Cissé rumor knockdown report is up - but, my, wasn't Seattle's fire "denial" rather smoky?
  • Long story short: free agent Quentin Westberg is mulling an extension offer from promoted Évian, where he enjoys being, but has no assurance of a chance to start. I briefly spoke to Q-Dub today and starting is definitely something he wants to do, in part because he wants back in the USMNT set-up. Meanwhile, Portuguese side Beira-Mar are at the front of a small crowd of clubs in Ligue 1, England and Italy discussing whether to give him that shot at a #1 shirt.
  • Finally, I heard from separated sources that playmaker Conor O'Brien of promoted Danish second flight side Blokhuis is smashing it on trial with SAS Liga outfit SønderjyskE. Apparently, he was terrific in a friendly against Wolfsburg and we can probably expect him to get an offer shortly.

- Greg Seltzer


corky said...

The reaction to your Ream and Jozy posts are interesting. I get the feeling that people have started to give up on Jozy -- hence, they're just not interested the way they used to be. This will be his 5th team (Villarreal, Xerez, Hull, Villarreal again, Bursaspor). It's weird since he's 21, I think. However, it does seem that he cannot escape whispers about his work ethic.

As for Ream, there's still a lot of high hopes for him so people are really interested. Even with the Gold Cup debacle (which was only one game), he's only going to get better.

Darius said...

Alejandro, don't go to Scotland.!!!!!!1!!!!

SPA2TACU5 said...

"Rangers remain the odds-on favorite, but there is a Dutch club and a French club (I've yet to place either, but have a scent)."


I would say:

-roda jc
-ado den haag