Thursday, August 18, 2011

Europa League Thursday LIVE

[Photo: Ed van de Pol/AZ]

We will be easing into things today, as our two earliest featured starts (see previous post) will not have an American starting. But that doesn't mean we can't get our afternoon kicked off.

Schalke, who have dressed somewhat of a junior varsity side in Helsinki, have left Jermaine Jones out (supposedly because of HJK's artifical turf).

Meanwhile, Jozy Altidore will again be working form the bench when AZ invade Aalesunds FK. Ruud Boymans is out with an injury and Roy Beerens is not yet available, so Charlison Benschop starts at the #9 and I predict Altidore to see his longest spell of action thus far for the club tonight.

I shall return in about an hour with the AaFK v AZ kickoff, plus line-up info for FCN v Sporting CP and Bursaspor v Anderlecht...


I will switch to the time stamp once we get through this info and the LIVE should be in full swing shortly.

First off, AZ are down 1-0 after about 28 minutes. Elsewhere, Clint Dempsey starts for Fulham, Sacha Kljestan for Anderlecht and Michael Parkhurst for FC Nordsjælland, while Oguchi Onyewu is on the Sporting CP sub's bench.

1.30 PM - In a few moments, we get to see if Brad Friedel starts for Tottenham. I'm betting he does (even if it doesn't necessarily mean he will start their Prem opener on Monday).

1.31 PM - Marten Maartens has tied it up for AZ on the half hour, 1-1. Meanwhile, a Jones-less Schalke trails 1-0 at HJK.

1.40 PM - I failed to mention that Maartens' goal was the first AZ shot of the game. They look better since it. Meanwhile, Steve Cherundolo has been listed in a UEFA line-up for the first time; naturally, the skipper will start at right back. Still waiting on the Spurs XI card...

1.42 PM - Mere seconds after the announcing teams wondes aloud if AZ might go to Altidore early tonight, Benschop shows up to test the keeper low from 20.

1.46 PM - Schalke now trail 2-0 thanks to a second strike from HJK's Teemu Pukki. If I get another life somehow, I want to be called "Teemu Pukki" in it.

1.47 PM - It is halftime in Aalseund, 1-1 with AZ having a little momentum into the break.

1.52 PM - FYI, we are eight minutes from kickoff at Bursaspor and FCN, 38 minutes away at Fulham and Hannover.

1.59 PM - Rangers got Carlos Bocanegra registered in time and he starts along with Mo Edu. For some odd reason, the Spurs line-ups is 15 minutes late.

2.02 PM - We are underway at Bursaspor and FCN.

2.03 PM - Gomes starts for Tottenham. Hmm. Does that mean Friedel is the actual #1?

2.10 PM - Ten minutes in, and Sporting CP are starting to lean on Parkhurst the Wild Tigers. At AaFK, we're seven minutes into the second half and no Jozy. The visitors seem content to simply hold the ball in midfield for now.

2.14 PM - Oops. I neglected to point out that Jonathan Spector starts in the middle of the park for Birmingham.

2.20 PM - Schalke have lost 2-0. I cannot tell if Altidore is warming for AZ, simply because AaFK aren't using the right side of the field.

2.23 PM - Sporting are all over FCN. At Bursaspor, Kljetsan had a great chance after a brilliant through ball, but shot straight into the arms of Scott Carson.

2.25 PM - I think we can now also officially say Anderlecht are all over Bursaspor. They look like scoring any minute.

2.27 PM - In the 70th now, AZ have switched from holding the ball with no purpose to attacking impatiently, but still look far more likely to grab a winner.

2.33 PM - Barrantes has just put AaFK up 2-1 in the 75th. Hannover is underway.

2.34 PM - Jozy is on in the 77th and Fulhan have started.

2.36 PM - Schlaudraff has Hannover up 1-0 on six minutes.

2.43 PM - I've momentarily lost my AZ picture (which sucks), but I can say Vederson has put Bursaspor up 1-0 from the spot in the 36th. Biglia was the foul culprit.

2.50 PM - As AZ are running out of time, Rafi van der Vaart has Spurs up 1-0 in the 5th.

2.52 PM - I missed most of the waning moments, but AZ have now lost 2-1. Frankly, they didn't play very well. Meanwhile, Parkhurst and FCN have managed to get to halftime scoreless. Anderlecht have also gone to the break.

2.57 PM - Nacional have come out of the gate guns blazing on Birmingham.

3.00 PM - Rangers have kicked off, while Hannover look like they've been managing leads against a club like Sevilla forever. They are making it look easy and pressing for another goal.

3.03 PM - Cherundolo's inch-perfect lead pass over the top facilitates a move that ends with Chahed utterly robbed on the doorstep. Incredible save by Sevilla's Palop! Meanwhile, the Brums seemed to have calmed Nacional down after the quarter hour. We're also back to action at FCN and Bursaspor.

3.07 PM - After Cherundolo is beaten on the dribble in the lead-up, Kanouté ties the game 1-1 for Sevilla... but the play looked clearly offside to me.

3.10 PM - Aaron Hughes has nodded Fulham ahead 1-0 from (gasp!) a short corner. Now, it just needs one to catch up to broken clock.

3.11 PM - Once again, Sporting are backing FCN into their own area for what must seem like eons. At Nacional, Beausejour has struck the woodwork for B'ham City.

3.15 PM - Just when it seems like Sevilla are about to take over, Hannover breaks out beautifully and Schlaudraff hits his second to make it 2-1 with practically the last kick of the half. Meanwhile, Birmingham are grabbing the momentum from Nacional.

3.19 PM - We're past the hour at FCN and somehow the hosts have kept it at 0-0. At Maribor, Bocanegra looks very comfy so far for Rangers.

3.20 PM - Ortiz puts Rangers up 1-0 on the half hour, while Fulham goes to intermission leading 1-0 despite a quiet half from Deuce.

3.21 PM - Legear has pulled Anderlecht level, also from a penalty. It's 1-1 at Bursa.

3.26 PM - Both Maribor and Nacional have gone close to scoring in the last moment. Maribor's was a danger free kick just wide from an Edu foul. Meanwhile, Parkhurst & Co. have kept it scoreless to the 70th minute.

3.32 PM - Defoe makes it 2-0 for Spurs. For Charlie Davies and fans, Sochaux are to halftime 0-0 at Metalist Kharkiv.

3.33 PM - As Rangers and B'ham hit halftime, Fulhan and Hannover are both underway in the second half.

3.35 PM - Clearly, I turned away from Fulham thinking it was halftime... but Dempsey actually scored an easy one just before the break to make it 2-0 Fulham. That's what I get for trying to flip between five games at once.

3.41 PM - Dempsey has nodded home a second to make it 3-0 Fulham.

3.42 PM - Jovanovic has fired Anderlecht ahead 2-1 in the 75th.


Your initial Dempsey strike clip...


3.49 PM - A few updates: Parkhurst & FCN have posted a 0-0 home draw against Sporting CP (no Gooch today), Livermore has put Spurs up 3-0, and I am eating a peanut butter 'n honey sammich on wheat. Yeaw.

3.52 PM - The Brums and Rangers are back on, with the former having Redmond flat robbed of an opener just after the restart.

3.54 PM - A minute from time, Bursaspor have been reduced to 10 men. Elsewhere, Birmingham have hit the post again.

3.56 PM - A Spector through ball frees Wood, who is NFL-tackled to the ground... somehow, no call. Birmingham clearly means business, though.

3.58 PM - Maribor have tied it 1-1 against Rangers.

3.59 PM - As Kljestan and Anderlecht wrap up a nice 2-1 away leg victory, Spector is down for treatment after a clash of heads.

4.02 PM - After a few fouls pile up quickly, the ref has a word with Bocanegra. The US skipper seems uninterested in the lecture.

4.04 PM - Lafferty finds a way to shoot over from the doorstep. Back in Glasgow, a familiar collective sigh echoes through the city.

4.06 PM - With the 80th minute approaching, Cherundolo cleans that nasty ball of the shoes of Navas on three successive rushes. You're welcome, Jesus.

4.08 PM - Edu tries from 20, but it flies a bit over. Also, Spector seems to be okay.

4.11 PM - Nacional waste a string of corner kicks.

4.17 PM - Cherundolo again handles a high-stepping Navas by himself. Twice.

4.18 PM - Nacional's last defender receives a "Robbie Rogers yellow card" - lame. The B'ham bench is going mental over it.

4.19 PM - Fulham have closed out a 3-0 win, and seconds later Hannover do the same with a terrific 2-1 decision over feisty Sevilla. What a great night it must be in Hannover!

4.22 PM - Maribor are starting to have their way as that game heads to the final quarter hour.

4.29 PM - Bale and Lennon have hit to put Spurs up 5-0, while our last two feature contests move to the final minutes.


Goal #2 from MC Deuce...


4.32 PM - Caldwell misses a glorious chance for B'ham. Good grief, he could have sneezed that one in.

10.36 PM - Nacional v B'ham ends 0-0.

10.37 PM - Maribor have scored the 2-1 two minutes into stoppage time. The Rangers fan forums are going to get ugly tonight, folks.

10.38 PM - That's your final score from Maribor, a 2-1 loss for Rangers. And with that, I will leave you all to your Thursday evenings. Hope it's a good one. Jacob will drop his U-20 World Cup semifinal round recap post here before long.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Boca gets the start after a crazy trip

Phil McCracken said...

Hughes goes years without scoring and now he can't stop. Too funny.

Greg - Have you heard anything regarding Blackburn's bid for George John?

Cory D. said...

Hey greg, I thought Duece scored right before half to put fulham up 2-0? He beat the offside trap on a cross and was in all alone and tapped it in.

Kribs said...

what cory d. said, quiet or not, dempsey scored a tap-in and fulham lead 2-0

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, I missed that goal flipping over to another game. Thanks.

And no, I am not privy to the John situation.

SPA2TACU5 said...

anyone seen the hannover sevilla game? great game of good football and a looking good stevie c.

Greg Seltzer said...

I saw most all of that one - the joy of having a German station on your basic cable. :D

The two games I was unable to see any of tonight were B'ham and FCN-Sporting.