Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good morning, my crazies.

Let's kick off deadline day with a couple of quick items to get you awake...

  • It is getting kinda hectic around Clint Dempsey, so do not expect definitive news for maybe a few hours at the least. I have yet to unearth any evidence of Arsenal interest, but then again, everyone is rather clammed up or sequestered in meetings this morning. I am, however, tracking a scent from a Spanish Champions League entrant... stay tuned, folks.
  • I do not know who's in, but can now say Brad Guzan is definitely in play today. My guess would be a Championship side or two, but don't forget Norwich are still looking to beef up in goal. This one may be tough for me to break if it happens, but I shall try.
  • The DfB has released a list of today's transferable players. Supposedly, anyone not on the list cannot move today, there must have been some pre-registration for potential deals or something. The name Jermaine Jones is not on this list.

Also, we have an official Chievo clip where Michael Bradley introduces himself to the fair Verona fans. And if you're wondering, thus far, almost all of the supporters seem positively giddy about his arrival. No kidding. Giddy.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Is it Valencia? How can they afford to buy when they cant even finish their own stadia

Greg Seltzer said...

I'm not yet certain who it is.

Phil McCracken said...

Sounds like the Carzola money might be burning a hole in Villarreal's pocket.

Not much work getting done here today.

J.D. Springer said...

Is it me or does MB look more and more like Radiohead drummer Phil Selway every day?

Grayson said...

He is not "the third American to play in Italy". He is the fifth American to play in Serie A (I am assuming that Gooch counts; did he even get a game in Serie A?). There were two US born Italians who played in the '30s (one even suited up for the Italian national team), and then there was Alexi Lalas.