Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I can now confirm.... (updated)

Several things, really, but let's not blow the whole party all at once. Let's go one at a time and then nobody has a stroke on me.

I can now confirm, via 'Gladbach, that Michael Bradley has physically left campus to travel for the purpose of completing a transfer.

Adding that to what I reported yesterday, and it's only a matter of formality and time before we can officially close that case. Chievo, it is. I like it. Good, smart move for Mikey.

UPDATE: Bradley is supposed to be presented this afternoon. From what I understand, he has a two-year deal with club option.

UPDATE UPDATE: Apparently, a paperwork delay has pushed his presentation to tomorrow.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Today, Tomorrow, and Christmas, they are my favorite time of the year.

Keep it coming Greg! you're the best.

usry723 said...

You and/or NSC need a twitter. Get on that.

strago said...

If I recall correctly, Greg dislikes twitter!

Matt said...

I don't know a thing about Chievo, but I do like bradley's club picking approach: he has ended up in good leagues on teams where it seems like he will get a real shot to play. I still think he was a fit at Villa (he's Petrov 10 years younger) but rather tha move to a place like Roma where he might never play he chooses a less glamorous team that will need him more.

Hopefully he's charting a course for other Young Americans heading abroad.