Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'd not go quite so far as to term these "goodie morsels" - more like info-nuggets. (updated)

It's not my fault if they taste like tofu...

  • I have finally filed a proper report on Gale Agbossoumonde's trial with FC Cologne II. He's already been there three weeks, they are not exactly in any hurry to wave him goodbye and I'm told he has done well there. So far, everyone I've talked to on this says an offer has yet to be made. Whether the Goats are stubborn enough to deal with Traffic remains to be seen.
  • Just to catch up on a couple of scenes in one spot, I can now confirm that the Brøndby interest in Eddie Johnson that I recently unearthed was already dead when I got there. A club exec also told me today that their Teal Bunbury ship had sailed with the arrival of young power forward Oke Akpoveta last week.

    However... I also learned that Teal's 16-year-old brother, Logan Bunbury, is slated to join the Brøndby academy for a week of training. As he was born in Portugal, the striker could make the move at any time - but first, we should probably let him set foot there before we get ahead of ourselves. I expect to be able to file a report at MLSS tomorrow.

    UPDATE: As it turns out, Johnson has just signed with MLS as a free agent. I'm digging on this now, folks. Let's see if I can quickly figure out the haps.
  • This transfer already happened, but I found something telling. Birmingham City have Jonathan Spector listed as a midfielder in their Europa League travel squad for Thursday. I guess that clears up the initial intention of the manager/the fight he faces for a starting role.

Also, my first proper seasonal Top 5 Continental Shifts drops at S365 today and tomorrow morning's MLSS Postcard From Europe arrives fresh from Birmingham.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Curious to see where Johnson lands. DC needs another striker :)

Jacob Klinger said...

As a DC fan I'd rather we pick up Angel. LA don't have as much leverage considering they HAVE to get rid of him.

Fennel said...

How promising is this Logan Bunbury? Is he eligible for Portugal, Canada and the US?

Greg Seltzer said...

I've had a couple folks tell me he's ahead of Teal at that age.

As for eligibility, yes, that's his array of choice.