Thursday, August 25, 2011

J-J-J-Jozy! (updated)

Pretty soon, they are gonna have a jingle about him in Alkmaar. Jozy Altidore has just given AZ a 2-0 lead on the night and a 3-2 aggregate edge over Aalesunds FK. This is, of course, also his first UEFA cup goal.

Naturally, the video will follow...

UPDATE: Make it two Jozy goals and 4-0 AZ. Yes, He was limping as he had just come back on after collecting himself post-crunching.

- Greg Seltzer


victor said...

Let's goo

Darius said...

So was your prediction of JOLAZOS one for league play, or all competitions?

Because if the latter, it would seem to be much too modest.

Matt said...

That is the most awesome thing ever if they are actually playing "Born in the USA" over the PA.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Darius:

My 100% lock assurance prediction of 10 goals for Jozy was for Eredivisie play only. It's hard to predict an all competitions total from the start because you never are quite sure how many cup games they'll have - could be 4, could be 14.