Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An MLS USOC final fit for kings

I know you're all gluttonously rolling away from the dinner table stuffed with transfer morsels galore. So allow me to find some space in there and cut into your transfer-window-shutting evening with this brief MLS interlude...

You thought I was kidding when I tabbed Dominic Oduro, famous more for wasting chances than taking them, as one of the top five shrewdest signings of 2011. Kid comes fresh with it, blasting in the ultimate game-winner in the 61st minute of the U.S. Open Cup semifinal.

The Fire are currently out of the playoff picture, but the six-time USOC finalists and four-time winners, the so-called "Kings of the Cup," are back to reclaim a possible spot in the 2012-13 CCL. A somewhat surprisingly tight 2-1 victory Tuesday over the Richmond Kickers, those stalwarts of the USL Pro Division, gave Chicago a reason to be optimistic in the midst a forgettable season full of draws. For us neutrals, it killed our dream of seeing a non-MLS champ for the first time since 1999, but alas. Next year, perhaps.

As for their opponent, could it have been anyone other than the two-time defending Sounders? Of course not. And the Sounders posted their second 1-0 victory over FC Dallas in a span of 10 days to get there.

Easy money is on Seattle to three-peat, making for an impressive three cup titles in three years in the league. Either way, we'll see on Oct. 4.

- Will Parchman


Jason Wintz said...

Is it just me or are the Dynamo having bad luck with forwards? First Wondo leaves to become Golden Boot winner. Then Kamara goes to KC he's doing alright. Now Oduro who was pretty awful in Houston is doing rather well in Chicago. What gives?

Will Parchman said...

Well, Brian Ching's not bad, and Will Bruin was having a rookie of the year season before suffering a knee injury. And Cam Weaver, who Houston got for Wondo, has been pretty good in spurts.

I'm sure they'd love to have all three of those guys back, but they all left with question marks. Hard to second guess.