Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Tap: USA v Mexico

It burns!
It's back. With a vengeance, I'd say. Anybody who watched the EPL Community Shield fracas between City and United last weekend will echo my sentiments when I say that friendlies between enemies are never friendly. Barbs have been tossed. Gauntlets have been thrown. Tainted chickens have been avoided. Bradleys have been fired. Klinsmanns have been hired. Let the party begin.

- No Clarence Goodson means... Tim Ream time. Uh oh.
- The sticky menage a trois between SUM, the USMNT and FMF
- An unexpected return to Philly for Orozco Fiscal
- Adu is set to start again
- Klinsmann is expected to be tactically shrewd, more so than Bradley by most accounts
- US culture = US soccer style... I like, Klinster

- Will Parchman


Lemons are yellow said...

What's your beef with Ream? Yeah, he had a terrible game against Panama. Is a young defender not allowed to make mistakes as he becomes accustomed to the international game? Luckily, JK sees that Ream is as good a passer out of the back as we've ever had in central defense and isn't as quick to throw him under the bus as Parchman and half of the posters on BigSoccer!

Will Parchman said...

In all reality I'm just giving him a hard time. I'd love to see him succeed, but every time I watch him (which is admittedly not weekly) he seems to do something numbingly bone-headed. His toro act against Spain (though he certainly wasn't alone) and Anderson's goal in the all-star game immediately come to mind. People are so enamored with his ability to play it out of the back that they glaze over his defending and positioning, which can be terribly spotty.

He's not as bad as I'm sure BigSoccer paints him, but I don't think he's near as good as the CB savior he's often made out to be (and Hans Backe is the worst culprit of all). I'm not writing him out of the picture, but with George John and Omar Gonzalez knocking on the door, its not like there aren't other deserving options.

Greg Seltzer said...

And let's please not forget Mr. Whitbread.