Sunday, August 14, 2011

Q: What do you get when you cross Chris Rolfe with chicken dinner? (updated)

A: A winner winner winner chicken dinner. Duh.

I'm still hunting for the elusive clip, but Chris Rolfe did in fact fire Aalborg up to second place with a 2-1 decider against Odense BK. The guy I hope to see in Brussels next month capped off a counter attack 11 minutes from time to put his side up two, rendering OB's late strike as mere consolation.

- Greg Seltzer

[Photo: Scanpix]

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Worm said...

From Danish soccer website

Chris Rolfe: "I've found my place"

AaB's lightning fast American Chris Rolfe has been plagued by injuries during his time in Norhern Jutland, but now it's brightening up for Rolfe.

Chris Rolfe has had a good start to the new Superliga season and with an important goal in yesterdays match against Odense, the American is now feeling really comfortable on the AaB team.

"With each game, I feel more and more comfortable on the team. I feel that I've found my place," says Rolfe to Nordjyske.

The goal against Odense crowned an outstanding performance by Rolfe and the nimble American was happy to score against the vice champions.

"It was great to score, and the things I do on offense is something that is natural to the way I play. But of course it's become easier as I've found my place in the team."

To date Chris Rolfe has played 19 games and scored four goals for AaB.