Thursday, August 25, 2011

The real George John update

The final week of the transfer deadline makes scribes a little goofy. The phone is ringing all the time, fires going on all over - it's crazy, man. I need a nap-and-a-half on September 2nd, that's for sure. It's just cute to see all these reports all over the world trying so hard to be the one to break it, when it's already basically been broke-ified up to the necessary final signature.

ANYHOO... here's the scene, all of it guaranteed fresh to the publishing minute of this post:

George John
is in England, the fee was fully agreed between Blackburn and MLS last night, and dude is now weighing an official contract offer. I cannot assure that he will agree to personal terms, but that's the last step to completion and my hunch is this gets done.

The best I can ascertain is that the fee is somewhere near $2.5 million, which may or may not be a figure put together with an estimated sell-on payout or set milestone surcharge (such as x amount of games played = additional dough) included. This info is all triple-checked out or more.


- Greg Seltzer


SeaOtter said...

Good stuff. Still wringing my greedy little hands waiting for that "other 85%" you were going to dish on Dempsey's transfer story.

Is that going to have to wait until Sept 3rd - after your nap?

Still hoping you'll be droping some good info on the transfer status of MB Double Zero.

strago said...


I wish I had ONE source and look you have like 2000 :)

Awesome job!

DrewVT6 said...

I wonder if he's gonna agree to personal terms? Or stick with the $45k he's making in Dallas? ...geeee lemme think bout that one...

Mike said...

I agree with SeaOtter, we need more transfer news!

Matt said...

Greg is the KRS-One of soccer scribes. Knowledge Reigns Supreme...