Monday, August 8, 2011

Bradley the favorite for Egypt job

A report dropped late last night that Egypt were set to interview three candidates for their vacant manager job, including erstwhile USMNT boss Bob Bradley. I have now confirmed this with the EFA, and have been told that Bradley is their first choice.

SIDE NOTE UPDATE: Heh. I've had a few emails mention this already, so let me go ahead and settle this now. No, the Cut of the Day does not contain one of my little hidden meanings in relation to the Bradley post... nor is Bob attempting to show disapproval toward Incubus in general. But it is nice to know I have NSC regulars on their sub-contextual toes.

- Greg Seltzer


Bryan said...

Wow, this is fascinating. Great scoop, Greg!

Greg Seltzer said...

It is fascinating. I didn't think he'd want a new job right away. Gotta love his chutzpah for considering this job, though.

DrewVT6 said...

Pretty sure Bob only needed 1 bulleted item on his resume to be in consideration for the Egypt job:

-Beat Algeria in World Cup

Greg Seltzer said...

Ha!! Niiiice, Drew.

Shit. I should have asked about that. :D