Thursday, August 11, 2011

Semi-sweet goodies

Do bear in mind I'm not showing full hands this morning, but there are a couple of specific noteworthy tidbits it seemed best to share now.

  • It's been a while since we've checked in with AS Roma and with Clint Dempsey, so let's do both now. It seems the arrival of fan Luis Enrique has actually put Deuce from the "He's good, but we're not sure what position he is" category onto their "Project Buy American" list. In fact, since I last spilled, they have given up hope of Landon Donovan and sold Mirko Vučinić. These two facts, plus the sticker shock received when calling to enquire about Nilmar, have put Dempsey straight to the top of their Statesider wishlist along with Michael Bradley.

    Roma have also finally cracked to code to land Maarten Stekelenburg, taking care of priority #1. They grabbed a defender (Heinze), a winger (Lamela) and a forward (Bojan). They still, however, need to shed a non-EU player before they can start chasing any American without a European passport. When it all shakes out, they will have a new attacker and one or two new midfielders by the close of this window. If Roma signs a big name midfielder, start watching for a Dempsey offer. At the same time, they may also go thrifty with the midfield purchases and do the splurging on Robin van Persie.

    So... yeah. It's a lot to process, so just be thankful I haven't confused anyone by saying any more about Deuce for the moment. He has remained popular all window long and caused a case or two of sticker shock himself. I will close this presentation by letting you know that previous callers AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and PSG are no longer in the picture, just so you don't get any wrong ideas trying to figure out what I'm hiding.

    This is not over, folks, it's possible that he'd go for the first time. Stay tuned, because in a matter of days I'm just gonna throw this scene completely open. I've been sitting on 85% of what I know about it the whole summer and I need to let it out. If I hold it too long, it's like John Hurt in Alien. Noooo, thank you.
  • Last time I talked about Eddie Johnson, it was just after a possible Odense BK ship had sailed. However, for a while I've been sitting on another bit of Danish interest, mainly because I'm not sure if it's still an option or more old news.

    I can confirm that Brøndby were scouting EJ over the last several months of his Fulham deal. We know they have been looking for a certain element to add to the strike stable for a while now (prior wooing of Bunbury & Findley gives the clue), we know they are still looking for another forward and we know they like free a whoooole lot. Like I said, what I do not know is whether they are still interested in Johnson - but let's put it out there anyway just in case.

By the way, one of these days I really need to do a Top 5 list of past transfers deals that could have happened for our boys and you all don't know a thing about.

"I have some real doozies in my vault," he said, enjoying his lunch.

- Greg Seltzer


Timmy said...

On Deuce - am I correct in my understanding that he would not be eligible to play in the Europa League for any other team?

How much does that affect his value?

Lindsay Kubatzky said...

Adding to what Timmy asked on Dempsey, can you tell us if there are any Premier league teams interested in him?

jon said...

As I understand it, Dempsey could only play in Europa or Champions league group games if Fulham fail to advance to the Europa group stage.

This article goes through some interesting hypotheticals in that regard.

Timmy said...

Thanks jon - that was very helpful.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Jon: Thanks for handling Timmy's question while I grabbed a recovery nap from being up til 6.

@ Clint: There was one interested, but not any longer.

Jamie said...

That top 5 would be dope/saddening.