Friday, August 5, 2011

A small number of items (updated)

Just so it's clear this is not an edition of A few things... - but we do have some timely tidbits to drop.

  • This morning, I was told by FCN that Timothy Chandler took part in '80%' of training on Thursday. The answer to whether he appears in their opener tomorrow (and, to an extent, with the USMNT next week) remains straddling the line. Hard to tell on this one.
  • Évian keeper Quentin Westberg told me he is expected to start the promoted side's Ligue 1 opener at Brest tomorrow. As with David Yelldell at Bayer Leverkusen, the starter is on the injury shelf for a spell. I'd love to see him shut it down this weekend to kick off a goalie controversy over there.

    And yes, despite the cup collapse, I believe Yelldell will still start Neve- , erm, Leverkusen's Bundesliga icebreaker at Mainz. While the US international could have done much better on the extra time 4-3 decider, he was more of a victim than a culprit in that defeat. If I am correctly understanding what the manager said about it yesterday, he won't be throwing Yelldell under the bus.

    UPDATE: Well... I was wrong there. The boss just announced that 21-year-old Fabian Giefer will get the start. I find this utterly pathetic, and in no way because it's Yelldell that sits. This is a hat trick of going out weak: 1) by his own prior admission, he's blaming the wrong guy for their cup debacle, 2) he's taken the guy he JUST bought and benched him after one game - which, as we all know, does wonders for player confidence and morale - & 3) he's letting the fans tell him who to play in his first league game in charge!

    Pathetic. So where do I go to legally wager that new manager Robin Dutt does not last three months on this job? Daddy needs an easy windfall.
  • I talked to Vitesse's technical director this morning and it turns out that Alejandro Guido's visit is not actually a trial. It's more a annual summer favor they do to U-17 players from around the globe, meant to offer the players a chance to sample the soccer environment in Europe, which gives them more to go on when it eventually comes time to decide a pro career path. Philly Union's Jack McInerney made the same type of visit to Vitesse two summers ago.

    Of course, those who do well on these trips could end up a transfer target down the road a bit. From what I understand, Guido has given a favorable impression in Arnheim. I'll have a proper report up at MLSS later on, as other Friday priorities beckon first.
  • Here's one I actually forgot to mention on a previous goodies post from at least a week ago: Viborg defender Babajide Ogunbiyi has had knee surgery after suffering an injury this offseason. I'm still trying to track down exactly when and how, as it seems he was not with the club at the time. He is tentatively expected to be out of action until the new year, but returns to VFF for rehab assignments on Monday.

    I will also get together a full report on this story, which obviously has Godzilla stomped the one where he moves to Karlsruhe this summer. That is one tough break indeed.
  • There are no official talks with the league to report as of yet, but Kamani Hill told me that he has decided he wants to play in MLS. I will likely produce an MLSS report on this at some point, but it won't be today.

I'm waiting to see if Josh Gatt has made the Tippeliagan Team of the Week for a second straight round and it feels like I'm forgetting one other thing, so check back later because I may have added on.

- Greg Seltzer

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