Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sorry to bother you again, but... (updated)

I can actually comment somewhat on the Freddy Adu situation now, so it's a goodie hat trick day for you. It appears we may have a small tussle over him that is reaching the final stages. I can finally personally confirm what you've already read elsewhere, which was that Chivas USA are in the picture as DP shoppers. In that much, you can be sure.

However, I'm not totally convinced that's where he'll end up. He has also had discussions with clubs in at least France and Turkey recently, and the Goats may be butting heads with someone(s). Perhaps I'm just the farthest away from the HDC with a bad hunch. Either way, we shall find out inside three weeks how it all shakes out.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, it is Philly Union that will sign Adu, and not as a DP. I can personally confirm that now, he'll be unveiled tomorrow at noon. Until then, I will try rounding out exactly how that scene closed and who was involved at the end. I have seen a couple of mentions on the interwebs that he also had some Spanish interest that got by me (at this point, Spain is probably my biggest Euro-transfer blind spot).

Obviously, I was correct to be skeptical he was headed to Chivas USA, just off about who might end up with him instead. I do know Philly have shown interest in Freddy before, but it wasn't on my radar this time. That's okay, the home turfers deserve a good scoop every so often, too.

- Greg Seltzer


pete said...

adu just tweeted "stay tuned"

Timmy said...

Philadelphia Union. That's a surprise.

Alex said...

Adu back with Piotr Nowak. I like it.