Saturday, August 13, 2011

A strange strategy

After yesterday's developments with Alejandro Bedoya's work permit, it seems Rangers wasted no time with that new attempt to gather him early that I promised. Local Örebro newspaper NA has been all over this, and oddly, Rangers decided to come with a lowered bid.

Naturally, ÖSK swatted it down in disbelief. I think they would gladly compromise off their original $1 million asking price, but... well why not let the club's exec explain (translation courtesy of BigSoccer regular iamalfred):

"We're positive to releasing Bedoya, but instead of increasing their offer they have decreased it. I'm confused. I'm not sure what Rangers are doing. We have rejected two previous bids and now they make another one that's even lower. Rangers say to the media that that they want Bedoya and want to have him able to play in Europa League next week, but they are not showing it. They are sending some strange signals, especially to Bedoya himself. We have no reason to give players away. A higher finish in the Allsvenskan table gives us more money in bonuses then what Rangers are offering to pay."

- Greg Seltzer


chalaron said...

Maybe ÖSK thought the WP wouldn't happen initially, and now that it went through Rangers felt they could lower the bid some as the move is now truly inevitable. It is rather odd though.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yeah, I don't follow the logic.

wivallius said...

ÖSK is in the Swedish Cup semifinals and is since a few weeks quickly climbing the Allsvenska ladder, currently in 6th place. A European spot (4th) is definetely within reach for us and, as the translation says, the prize bonus increases steeply also towards the top of the table. There are 10-11 matches left of our season, depending on whether we reach the Cup final or not. Ale Bedoya has a very good attitude towards the game and he is a person we would love to play for us, especially in the Cup. Sorry to say, I think Rangers need to pay close to ÖSK's last bid in order to get him. Also, the last Rangers bids are considered insulting, which is not the best way to go if Rangers want to close the deal before the end of August.