Sunday, August 28, 2011

They still count.

Both Clint Dempsey and Robbie Findley have scored in a losing cause. The former smooched home a long free kick in the waning moments of a 2-1 loss to Newcastle, while the latter buried a goalmouth feed from just inside the spot as the lone bright spot in a 4-1 home loss to West Ham.

Newcastle - Fulham 2:1 door FootballKing1892

- Greg Seltzer


Lindsay Kubatzky said...

Hey, Greg! I love the blog. Anything new on Dempsey? I read that Bradley might go to Chievo Verona. Any truth in that? Thanks!

Micah said...

Hey Greg. It looks like Gatt has scored in the fist minute for Molde. Finding a stream seems to be impossible, but thanks to you I at least have a site I can follow their games at. Thanks again.