Thursday, August 4, 2011

While I'm at it... (updated)

After dishing out a tray of morsels last night, it has become clear that I have too many morsels. I'm hogging morsels. Nobody likes a morsel hoggererer...

  • What USMNT call-ups can I confirm for later today? Well, there's Chandler, Cherundolo and Goodson. It's also been strongly hinted to me that Adu, Bedoya, Edu and Jones are in, while I have seen indications that Agudelo is also on the roster for Mexico. Meanwhile, Klinsi is apparently already trying to set up a Germany friendly for next May.

    UPDATE: Chandler injured his knee/calf in training yesterday and is questionable for Saturday's Bundesliga opener. Therefore, I'd guess he won't be called now.
  • A quick note on the Jonathan Spector move: I did not break that story because, well, everyone reporting it was jumping the gun to be first. The truth is, the battle for his services went down the very wire between Birmingham and Leeds. I could have reported this duel a couple weeks back, but was trying to keep it quiet until there was a winner. Of course, Sky Sports got wind of it all a few days ago, ran their scoop too early and were fortunate it worked out in the end. My gambit was essentially foiled, which will happen, even on occasion by the Brits (gasp!). The reason I sometimes get scooped at the wire is I don't jump too soon because I'm (for the lack of a better word) obsessed with making sure I never get a story wrong. They seem fine with the regular specter (heh) of rabid embarrassment. I won't even risk it. I'd rather get it exactly right than post it first.
  • I keep getting emailed about the Freddy Adu situation. As I commented on some post the other day, what I can confirm is about the same as it was a couple weeks ago. There is contact with clubs in France and Turkey, but I have not been able to find a trace of the rumored Mainz interest. I also know he is not opposed to an MLS return and that a few teams are interested, but I do not believe there are any ongoing talks. If there is, it's been sneaked around me so far. I can say that all talk and hope of another Benfica shot was in vain (as I sadly expected all along) and that he will definitely have a new employer before long.
  • Same deal with Michael Bradley, basically. Nothing major to report at this time. Still some interest from Bologna, Napoli and Roma (whose Project USA is now creeping up the priority list), but I've not detected anything serious yet. His agent's Italian cohort was yapping quite a bit for a couple weeks, but has now zipped up. It's hard to determine exactly what that dynamic may mean and I'm not one to assume. I do know there is one Prem club that always seems interested in Mikey, but thus far all those suddenly super-thrifty German suitors he once had aren't biting. As I've said several times, this will probably end up a late window move if anything.
  • To those of you who have emailed about a couple of other big USMNT names I've previously mentioned as having some interesting interest: I'm not ignoring you. I'm just keeping some cards very close to vest for now. Rest assured that I have good visibility on these scenes for you all.
  • A quick clarification compelled by chatter I've seen: Bolton ace Stuart Holden made a return to light side training this week - not full team training as suggested elsewhere.
  • Clarence Goodson has been named Brøndby captain.
  • Recently done with a Djurgården loan, Gale Agbossoumonde is on trial at FC Cologne. I'm trying to work a report, but have yet to receive the full details as the club open their Bundesliga season this weekend and folks are busy. There is a chance this trial is with the second team, but I will find all that out soon enough.
  • Finally, some super fun news that dropped yesterday evening: Jozy Altidore was added to AZ's Europa League roster, he is with the team at Czech side Jablonec and manager Gertjan Verbeek says the US striker could play '10 to 15 minutes' tonight. If he gets on for his Cheese Farmer debut, I will break into your afternoon with an impromptu LIVE. Just to temper your excitement rationally, I'm not thoroughly convinced he will appear. We'll cross our fingers.

- Greg Seltzer

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Igor said...

As far as I know on the Jozy situation, he's on their 20 man travelling roster and might not necessarily make the 18 for the game. We should know in about 2 hrs.