Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who likes goals?

Now less than five-and-a-half weeks until Community returns. Good thing, too, as I'm going through both Troy and Alison Brie withdrawals...

Let's begin with the oldest strike, Paddy McCourt's primrose stroll for Northern Ireland.

I think it's safe to say David Villa is ready for the new La Liga season.

Kun Aguero's Citeh debut line? Thirty one minutes, two goals, one assist. Here's the capper against Swansea last night.

szólj hozzá: www.1Goals.com - MC 4-0 SC

Speaking of EPL club debut bangs... Seba Larsson, Sunderland fans. Sunderland fans, Seba Larsson.

szólj hozzá: Li1-1Su[matchhighlight.com]

Here we have the prince of rudeness, also known as Alex of Corinthians.

Basel defender David Abraham hops on his bike to entertain us all.

Finally, our free kick nod goes to Hoffenheim's diabolical Sejad Salihović. "Boom."

- Greg Seltzer

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