Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alrighty then.

It will be a couple of weeks before some of my more detailed 4-3-3 explanations begin with the purpose of knocking down misconceptions and basically getting all Dutch abstract on ya.

For now, I am going to start out as standard as possible. I'll go through each position on the formation to offer up my current top five... with a view toward World Cup qualifying next summer. And just to clarify, these will be my calls on who should be where and why, not a "Klinsi brain meld" or a prediction game. There will be no players listed at multiple positions, there will be clear choices made.

So yeah, my own personal USMNT depth chart begins here tomorrow with the netminders. And by the time we play Ecuador on October 11th, you'll wish I'd go back to slacking so you can stop thinking about Total Football long enough to work or eat or sleep.

- Greg Seltzer


Mike said...

Looking forward to this. Is the article on Shea going to be released on when he shows up on the Top 24 under 24?

Greg Seltzer said...

The Shea article is still in the chute at MLSS, but it's posting has no tie to his place in the 24 list. There's just a lot here, so it has to be checked all around and back.

And sadly, the world has yet to tune itself to my schedule. :)

Tom said...

Oh, this should be fun; I always enjoy getting different parties' takes on this.

Matt said...

You going to throw yourself a softball and start with the goalies place in the 4-3-3?

Looking forward to this...

Greg Seltzer said...

Just going in order, Matt. Starting with #1.

Thus, under my preferred diagram, the order will be:


Matt said...

Nice. I'm actually very curious to hear how a shift like this affects the goalies. Will Tim's role change much? I guess we'll find out tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Very much looking forward to it. Thanks Greg

bhamhawker said...

Greg, be bold and drop Howard. Do it.

SPA2TACU5 said...

Looking forward to this one.