Friday, September 23, 2011

The Bobbo Chronicles - Part "Who Keeps Count?" (update)

The latest word I have from Egypt's spokesman is that: 1) everything is now settled with Bob Bradley, who signed his contract today & 2) the new coach will be officially presented tomorrow at 3 pm Cairo time (9 am ET for you all). Bear in mind as we continue here that I've yet to confirm these items with Bradley's agent.

There is also some confusion over the length of contract, as the Egypt press officer has spoken of both a 'two-year deal' and Bradley being the boss through World Cup 2014. Obviously, these time frames do not match (and I forgot to ask about it just now), so let's consider the idea that he is inked through World Cup qualifying and then is automatically extended through the finals if they make it. Until I can verify this, that explanation makes as much sense as anything.

I have also been informed that Bradley will be making just under $500,000 a year, so there seems to have been some give-and-take in the negotiations. The take for Bradley, reportedly, was more control over the hiring of his technical staff. Supposedly, he got gave a little to get his guys good deals.

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise. Hold the phone, I'm now being told this deal is not signed yet. This saga is like Inception, bending all reality. I can confirm that Bradley is physically there in Egypt. Past that, good luck.

- Greg Seltzer

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