Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good grief.

I almost forgot to make my Champions League group predictions. Almost.

Predicted group winners listed first:

Group A - Man City, Napoli
Group B - Lille, Inter Milan
Group C - Manchester United, Benfica
Group D - Real Madrid, Ajax
Group E - Chelsea, Valencia
Group F - Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund
Group G - FC Porto, Zenit
Group H - Barcelona, AC Milan

- Greg Seltzer


Avimaan said...

Greg. GREG! Have you watched Bayern this year?

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, and I have the idea they've placed maximum importance on the league first. Plus, that is a killer group, so margin for error is very small.

JSS85 said...

the cl final is in munich this year .. they will get crucified if they didn't get out if the groupe

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, and this kind of crazy pressure always produces the demanded results... heh.

By the way, do you really think they will be crucified if they win the title and drop down to Europa after the CL group? I don't.

JSS85 said...

i don't say the pressure is producing results but that they put 'maximum importants on the league first' is just not going to happen this year (can't think of a year in recent history when Bayern did that)

between winning the Bundesliga title and dropping out to Europe after group are about.. how many? 4 month? yes they will get crucified in the meantime, no one in Munich gives s**t about the Euro League, think most still call it the 'verlierer cup' (losers cup) after what Franz Beckenbauer called it and winning the Bundesliga isn't really something to write home about for Bayern either.. more like the minimum requirement

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, then maybe my prediction will be wrong. We shall soon see.

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, things have certainly gone all Bayern's way on Matchday 1.

JSS85 said...

Matchday 2 looking quite alright too ;)