Thursday, September 15, 2011

So the Dynamo's new stadium will be pretty awesome

For those of you not yet in the know, the league's next SSS will be planted in downtown Houston, across the street from the Toyota Center and Minute Maid Park to create a nice little walking Stadium District. The only outlier is, ahem, Reliant, a millennial stadium with very little personality that is inexplicably located on the outskirts of downtown.

Anyway, this thing opens in 2012 and looks pretty dang spiffy. Upper and lower seating bowls, 22,000 seats, sick sight lines and the knowledge that you're right in the thick of the city. DC, your move.

If it can beat this little feature in the Pizza Hut Park men's bathrooms, I'll call it the best stadium of all time.

- Will Parchman


Andy said...

Kinda bummed it's not a bit bigger, considering how large a market Houston is. They might regret not adding another 3-5k in seating.

Also, the College Football reference worried me. Does that mean yardage lines on the pitch?

Will Parchman said...

It might during the odd game, but my understanding is that it is the Dynamo's stadium first. Since it's a grass field, lines can be painted on and then removed fairly easily. I don't think Texas Southern will take precedence in any case. Although this being Texas, I'm sure tax payers wanted to see the facility used for more than just "that dang soccer," unfortunately.

I think 22k is about right for that market. I'm a firm believer in condensing the atmosphere to create a more intimate environment with more noise. If that's what the plan was, I think Houston fans will like what they get.

don said...

i wouldnt say Reliant Stadium is "inexplicably" located outside downtown. it is built 50 yards away from the Astrodome and on the other side of the highway from where Astroworld used to be located.

as Andy said, it should have another 3-5k in seating but football lines are not supposed to be a problem

Paul said...

I'm delighted you guys are getting a new stadium... but man, there's some stuff really wrong with that video.

First of all, painting lines on/off the field sucks. Also, using a stadium for other-than-sporting purposes (or too many American football games) beats the heck out of the turf- just look at how lousy KC's has been for a few weeks now.

But the video... the first few highlights of The Beautiful Game, and they're of OTHER TEAMS? Um, hello? What were they thinking?

And then the stadium itself- notice that virtually zero mention was made of REGULAR fans or the supporters section... but a LOT was made about this club area and the VIP seats and the suites and blah blah blah.

It's like normal fans (who are the present and future lifeblood of MLS and soccer in the USA) are just an afterthought.

Scary to me. I sure hope your supporter groups get together and demand a lot of input into the stadium and that the common fan's needs are taken into account.

Best of luck- heaven knows you need and deserve a new, real home. Robertson is... blech. We've already got people looking forward to future road trips down there to watch our Sounders.

Will Parchman said...

Don, there was a pretty big campaign to get Reliant moved to downtown proper to unite it with the rest of the city's venues during the planning phase. I was certainly among those championing the idea. I just don't like non-centralized stadiums. That PHP is located in Frisco is an atrocity.

As for the field at Livestrong, it had less than a month to take root before the first game, and SKC had about a dozen home games in a row to make up for the first half of the season. I've also heard something about a fungus going after the roots, but I have no idea how much truth is in that. If Houston plays it right, as it seems they are, those issues shouldn't come to bear. And football season doesn't start til late August, five months into the season.

bc said...

about two minutes in, he says "Unlike no other stadium in Houston..." Who edits this crap?