Monday, September 5, 2011

Uh oh.

I've talked to Gertjan Verbeek. He can be an intense dude. And now he's mad at Klinsi for dragging Jozy Altidore to L.A. and back. Of course, I questioned the logic of scheduling friendlies a half a world and four days apart, but it seems a bit much for the respectable AZ coach to take to the media mic in this manner. No?

I've been busy getting ready to get to Brussels (and buying a new bicycle after my gear broke), so this took me too long to get up and you may have seen something about it. Nevertheless, you know my rule. The meat of his blast, published in Voetbal International:

"That's eleven hours flying. And then that doesn't factor in the time difference. This is very dumb of Klinsmann. This serves no one... I have tried to stop it, but he did not appear lenient. And Jozy himself said he didn't want to go... Klinsmann has been appointed the successor to [Bob] Bradley and clearly he wants to draw his own lines. Whereas it concerns all parties, is it not more important that Jozy gets fit faster? It is pure self-importance from a man who had but one year as manager with a club and got fired. That says enough."

Gosh, I thought Klinsi was a pushover to clubs? It'll be interesting to see how many minutes Jozy gets tomorrow night.

- Greg Seltzer


Bryan said...

Yawn @ Verbeek. Club coaches always have problems with these friendlies, and they take US friendlies that happen in LA even less seriously.

SPA2TACU5 said...

Ok I think Jozy never said he wanted to decline USMNT selection.
Instead I think it was Verbeek saying Jozy would not easily decline.

Plus you forget to mention here that Bob Bradley and Verbeek had an agreement over not selecting Jozy for these games.

My opinion: I don't understand why Klinsmann is calling up a striker who's recovering from a hamstring(!) injury for a totally unimportant game where he brings in quite a few big questionmarks anyway.

SPA2TACU5 said...

So at half time it was Jozy stumbling off the field from exhaustion?