Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ATTN: Anyone who will be in L.A. on December 6th

This is not our normal programming, but I had to spread the word on this. This is wild.

Long story short: This summer, legendary b-boy Steelo had a ruptured brain aneurysm, so he had surgery. Then it ruptured again. More surgery, another following rupture. Four times. He's got a one-year-old son that he currently cannot walk or talk better than. And as you'd imagine, he has bills out the wazoo and the back-up wazoo. It's all messed up.

The good news is Steelo is a member of the equally legendary Groovaloos, who you have all probably enjoyed a hundred times without realizing it. Or heck, maybe you know exactly who they are and have seen their show 10 times. Either way, they are a tight, great group of folks who just so happen can also bring the house down. And they are connected to the likes of JabbaWockeeZ, Beat Freaks, Super Crew, Killafornia crew and others. You've seen several of them as Cut of the Day acts. These people get down.

On December 6th, all of those crews and more to be announced will be hanging out at the same theatre for the sole purpose of smashing the stage to bits to raise money to help Steelo's family get through this and to help him regain the ability to care for them.

Good cause or not, choosing to miss this show is against planetary sanity ordinances. Being that you can also pitch in to something special, I implore anyone within range to be there. You will never forget it. Or if you just know someone who'd never forget it, then they won't.

And just to give a tiny sample platter of what you can expect, I proudly present, with Steelo at 1:17 of the first clip, the Groovaloos.

- Greg Seltzer

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