Monday, October 17, 2011

Gatt Gab

[Photo: Trygve Strand Joakimsen/Tidens Krav]

As you may know, Molde's Josh Gatt was lifted with a knock during this weekend's scoreless draw with Odd Grenland. At first, the Tippeligaen leaders seemed confident that it was nothing major - but when I spoke to them today, they came off a bit more finger-crossy.

My supposed psychological intuition aside, the facts are he had a scan today and they will know the results tomorrow. As such, you can expect a full report at MLSS in the morning.

- Greg Seltzer


Jon said...

Hope it isn't serious. Gatt is one of our more exciting prospects.

Jay said...

Four to six. Bad time for that. Guess he isn't getting the call for Slovenia.