Sunday, October 16, 2011

How does one say "Hmmm" in Spanish?

So let me get this straight: Tecos are down 5-1 past the hour, set to lose for the third time in four as they slowly drop away from the playoff zone, and THEN they call on Herculez Gomez. Oh, did I not mention that he deftly capped the scoring against Chivas with his team-high sixth goal in 575 minutes of play this season (good for 13th among the team's field players)? Somebody explain this to me, as I am clearly too dumb to figure it out.

- Greg Seltzer


Paul Poenicke said...

Senor Klinsi might have an explanation. (Errr....let's get back to him--he's confused as we are.) Gomez is like the Cris Carter of soccer: all he does is score goals.

Malcolm said...

Herc does seem to be more effective coming off the bench then he does starting (just looking at his time in Mexico over the past three years). That could be a product of a substandard Pachuca squad last year but there is some evidence there.

Of course this is no excuse as to why he isn't on Klinsi's radar. The guy can score goals and the US needs a guy who can score goals.

Greg Seltzer said...

To me, it's not even that he scores goals... it's that he can score them in so many different ways from so many different places on the field with so many different body positions. It's almost impossible to limit his chances by passing to him wrongly or expecting him to make just the right touch in difficult settings. He just makes it work how it is. He doesn't need to be on his favored foot from a certain angle.

ManhattanFINE said...

I have been a supporter of Hercules Gomez since playing against Herc in D-3 pro league in 2001. Herc was 19 playing for the Sandiego Gauchos and I was an old geezer at the fine age of 33 playing for the Arizona Sahuro's.

I'm a central defender and my only job was to stop Herc from scoring. The Kids got wheels and he continues accelerating and building speed. VICIOUS! In the end he got ONE but we tied in overtime and I was good with my play.


Very pleased when he started getting traction in the MLS scoring goals in LA then in Mexico. Proud of his world cup call up. Hoping he get's his due recognition.