Saturday, October 8, 2011

On Tap: USA v Honduras

In memory of Al Davis' death today, I'll rip a page from his book to provide some helpful advice for Klinsi today: Just score, baby.

With a few exceptions, the style points have been there. We've seen advances in stylish play that seemed a pipe dream during RoboBob's preference for the robotic, some brief glimpses of progress in this 4-3-3 implementation and some serious defections, most notably of the German-American kind. It has been blindingly clear that Klinsmann prefers to better understand the talent at hand before going forward with more conviction during the impending qualification, and that's fine. I'm okay with that. Switching formations is a mean task, but switching attacking mindsets wholesale in a matter of months is another matter entirely.

But goals must come. Klinsmann's Nats are 0-2-1 with just one goal, a slick one-two from Brek Shea to Robbie Rogers against Mexico that officially gave us the green light to tab Shea as the next (first?) great American winger. But the track record since then hasn't been grand, with losses to Costa Rica and Belgium in games that didn't produce a goal.

So it is with the attacking impetus in mind that we watch pensively for progress against a Honduras team that I watched nearly take down Mexico in the Gold Cup semis. And in true Ajax/4-3-3 development form, I wouldn't be as worried about a result tonight, either. Produce goals, produce moments of verve, produce joy.

- Where are you getting these goals from, pray tell?
- A silly person thinks Klinsmann is already under pressure
- This is a bit more apt
- Life without Landon and Timmy? I don't think it's armageddon like this dude does
- Wins, wins, wins
- Chance creation is, well yeah, it's important

And for anybody who hasn't seen this yet... the Sheaster is a beast.

- Will Parchman

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