Monday, October 24, 2011

Who likes goals?

FYI: Hope Solo will do the Rumba tonight. This could be the style that either puts her near the top or has her back in trouble with the voters...

First off, courtesy of Clint Dempsey's assist, Bryan Ruiz makes a stylish Fulham account opener. - Fulham 1-1 Everton, Bryan Ruiz... door XpressGOAL365

All along I was thinking, man, this is gonna be a tough MLS Goal of the Week to call... and then Adam Moffat lit the cannon. That goal should have back-up dancers.

When I told people that AS Roma planned to start Erik Lamela on right wing, they generally found that odd and were quite surprised. I was never exactly sure why.

When your little son or daughter looks up at you with those wide eyes and says "Daddy, why did the FC Zürich keeper give Basel's mean ol' Xherdan Shaqiri the short side?" you have the courage to look him and/or her straight in the eye and say "I don't know why, (particular paternal nickname), sometimes life just doesn't make any sense." Be a man.

Finally, this episode of WLG? Impression Theatre brings us C-Ron as Zlatan.

- Greg Seltzer


Jay said...

Dunno. Throwing a nutmeg on the keeper is pretty ballsy. Doing it with a low header is just dirty.

Matt said...

That was not a good performance from Hope. Ouch.