Monday, October 10, 2011


You know how I do; sometimes, I am asked by one party or another to keep something quiet. Naturally, I do it because it's the proper thing to do and, well, I'd like for people to trust me so they continue telling me things. However, deals are off when it comes out elsewhere wrong. To say I don't like misinformation would be putting it mildly.

This morning, one of the scummy UK rags either guessed right or heard something, then of course made up "facts" around it as if they had the straight goods. So, here I am.

Yes, Schalke was the "big German club" Rob Stone correctly referenced as coming in for Brek Shea just before the recent transfer deadline during the Belgium friendly broadcast. However, there was no offer. Basically, it went something like this...

(riiiing) Schalke: Hello. How much would Brek Shea cost us to acquire now?

FC Dallas/MLS: (some dollar figure nobody's telling)

Schalke: Oh... okay. Maybe talk to you later. Tchuss.

Thus concludes another episode of Settin' It Straight Theatre. And yes, I still have a monster MLSS report about the attention around this player on the way. It keeps expanding on me, moving parts everywhere to check and double check and... yeah.

By the way, thanks to NSC regular Jon for the tip. As you'd imagine I usually refrain from reading that rag.

- Greg Seltzer

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Jon said...

Greg, you're killing us with suspense, while we await the article on Brek. Now there's a rumor Man U is preparing a 10M bid in Jan.

Who knows what to believe anymore, except for that Brek has a number of options, and likely is gone in Jan.