Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dancing with Hope - Round Seven

After last week's excitement, a twist! Not only with the USMNT keeper tackle the samba for points, there is also a team Pasodoble dance (I totally had to look that one up) with three pairings together that will be judged and count like a regular partner performance. Yep, a double dip,on the floor and the scorecard...


This time, let's go to the bad first, just to be novel. Toward the end, you could see her counting and thinking her way to the next place, which of course breaks the performance a good bit. It's no wonder, with two routines to learn this week. There was also clearly not enough hips in it. A girl needs to be throwing those hips around dramatically in a samba, and it was just bubbling just below the surface. That being said, having hit her for this all season, again, it seems we are finally starting to see her loosen up those poetic joints.

Footwork? Check. Duh. Positions and power move? Check, check. The judges each gave her an 8, which might've been what I'd have given about two-thirds of the way through. You know me and my performance aspects, so it's gotta be a 7 from me. We want hips!!

Ahem... moving on, the team dance was basically smashed. Frankly, the judges' combined 26 seemed a little stingy. I'm going 9.5 on this one. All tolled, my scoring ended up almost identical to the judges for the whole night .

Back to the group show, Hope again murdered the footwork and offered her best performance aspect yet, not to mention another flawless power move. Plus, dancing in a group is very different than in a duet. That group was completely in sync all the way (a wonder considering the difficulty of the moves, if you ask me) and the ending peel was almost dopeness. They all but ripped the stage, plain and simple. Best number I've seen from any of them all season. And if Hope comes out like that next week, look out.

For now, the best part is... according to the trend over 13 seasons, tonight's booted celeb will likely come from the losing team, who garnered only 23 from the judges. We shall see in a few hours, but I'm thinking our girl will be back next week when we're down to five contestants.

- Greg Seltzer

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