Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Executive decision time

I have decided (or realized, which ever came first) that I am over-tired and burnt. I need a little breather, so I'm gonna be scarce this week. It's almost silly season again and I need my strength, don't want to be caught napping then.

Do not fear: Will has a big ol' MLS series planned and I still have a few promised posts that I keep forgetting to spring on you after I'm recharged - including the next chapter in our 4-3-3 clipboard dossier. You didn't actually think I was done with that whole project because Klinsi shifted a couple times, did you? Pffft.

Now, to offer my usual token, a special presentation of Planet B-Boy, the terrific documentary I've name-dropped a few times.

- Greg Seltzer


SPA2TACU5 said...

What are your thoughts though in Klinsi switching to 4-4-2?

Greg Seltzer said...

As I said before, I do not consider it permanent and I am fine with the occasional 4-4-2 diamond for us.

Frankly, to me, losing 1-0 in France is a better result than winning 3-2 at Slovenia.

SPA2TACU5 said...

You mean 'performance', I take it.

Greg Seltzer said...

No, I mean result (though certain aspects of performance can also be mentioned).

Some observers don't really place performance over result, even in friendlies. To those people, I say let's not all just assume the Slovenia match ways are the best just because that seems like the best result.

It's not, and thus, not the best or ideal USMNT line-up/tactics/etc.

SPA2TACU5 said...

What if they assume the Slovenia match ways are the best just because that was a better performance (excluding certain aspects) than the France game performance. Would they still be wrong?

Greg Seltzer said...

Okay, but like results, performances also have judging variables, such as most obviously is in this case, the opponent degree of difficulty. It's a lot easier to perform or look good against Slovenia.