Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A few things...

Don't think you're getting away from our MLS Cup fracas that easy.

#1 - I was not there. This guy was. He has some thoughts. It did in fact rain in LA. That did happen.

#2 - There has been some rearranging of the deck furniture at ESPN. John Harkes was told his contract was not being renewed. Into the void steps Taylor Twellman. Meanwhile, NBC is supposedly pursuing Seattle broadcaster Arlo White to head up its new soccer division. White would be an upgrade. Twellman... meh.

#3 - Interviews! With foreigners with delightful sing-songy accents!

#4 - This MLS media cup business all seems so sad (check out the epic spill at 0:26) until I realize I am among this lot... and that's about how coordinated I look with a ball at my feet.

#5 - With reports like these and these filtering out of various camps this week, will it honestly be any surprise when David Beckham makes official his return to the Prem?

#6 - Nobody was happier than Adam Cristman when Donovan scored. Nobody.

#7 - I saw some of this info a week or so ago, but some of this is new to me. The conference finals are now going to home-and-home formats, and we now have it on official authority that the MLS Cup is no longer a neutral venue event. Puzzling.

#8 - There will be much rationalizing in Houston this offseason, but possibly not by Brian Ching, who was left unprotected in the expansion draft.

#9 - This is quite entertaining. Grantland's Men in Blazers weigh in.

#10 - A taped EPL game outdrew the live MLS Cup. Ugh. As Footie Business notes, the 0.8 rating itself was double last year's but didn't reach 2009's.

- Will Parchman


angler23 said...

The #1 bitter-goat-fan first hand report from the neutral's section over the tunnel doesn't do the crowd justice. In my STH section we were going nuts, hugs, high fives, screams, we stayed cheering until the players left the field like most fans.

Greg Seltzer said...

Any time I feel like I've lost a step, I can go watch the media game clip you posted.

You've heard of speed of lightning... that was speed of lighting fixtures.

Suddenly, I don't feel 42 anymore. :D

Brooks said...

Praise Jesus and all that is holy. John Harkes is gone and I require no further gifts this holiday season. Thank you, ESPN!

bhamhawker said...

What brooks said.