Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The first Olympic team camp

Here is new US Under-23 boss Caleb Porter's first group of 31 (though Claudio Reyna will lead camp for the Akron coach). The most notable omission for me would be Bill Hamid by a wide margin. Do note, that Josh Gatt will not be an active member of the camp - he is still recovering from a hamstring injury and will be there for the team-building aspects.

And as we are now a 4-3-3 country, I've changed the "F" for forwards to an "A" for attackers, including the wingers in that bale.

G - David Bingham (San Jose Earthquakes), Cody Cropper (Ipswich Town), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Jon Kempin (Sporting KC)

D - Gale Agbossoumonde (Eintracht Frankfurt), John Anthony Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Sean Cunningham (Molde FK), Royal-Dominique Fennell (Stuttgarter Kickers), Greg Garza (Free Agent), Perry Kitchen (D.C. United), Will Packwood (Birmingham City), Zarek Valentin (Chivas USA), Ethan White (D.C. United)

M - Joe Corona (Tijuana), Mikkel Diskerud (Stabæk), Dilly Duka (Columbus Crew), Jared Jeffrey (Mainz 05), Sebastian Lletget (West Ham United), Tyrone McCargo (FC Nürnberg), Charles Renken (Hoffenheim), Caleb Stanko (Freiburg), Jose Villarreal (L.A. Galaxy)

A - Terrence Boyd (Borussia Dortmund), Conor Doyle (Derby County), Josh Gatt (Molde FK), Joe Gyau (Hoffenheim), Jerome Kiesewetter (Hertha Berlin), Omar Salgado (Vancouver Whitecaps), Tony Taylor (Atlético CP), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich), Andrew Wooten (Kaiserslautern)

- Greg Seltzer


Michael F said...

have you heard of any reason hurzeler isn't on here? can we assume alfredo morales is choosing peru or is he just very undecided?

Greg Seltzer said...

From what I understand, Hürzeler has either not filed his switch yet or is awaiting clearance. I'm not sure which.

The Peru coach says Morales is playing for them. I suppose he could have spoken out of turn, but that would seem a reliable source.

Ryan said...

Could Hamid's training stint at West Brom have anything to do with his exclusion?

Or the fact that he is a regular in Jurgen's camps?

I'm not going to read too much into it.

Zach McNally said...

Do you think Agudelo, Adu, and Gil would have been involved if not for the playoffs?

Lots of talent in there. Any position you see as a strength/weakness?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Ryan:

Hamid will be done with West Brom about the time camp starts. And if his exclusion is because Klinsi considers him a full USMNT player... well, that's just loony. I certainly hope it's not that.

@ Zach:

We can expect some MLS players to be added as their teams leave the playoffs. I'd assume Adu is a prime candidate, while Gil may be one of those U20/U23 tweeners.

To me, right back and defensive midfield look weakest as advertised, but Packwood is probably best at DM and I think that may be where Kitchen ends up for the Olympic team, as well. Then there's also guys like Okugo to consider. Then there's guys like Sheanon Williams (or perhaps even Chandler come the Olympics) for right back.

There should be great competition for places all over the field.

Michael F said...

thanks greg. i was hoping you could clarify how morales even qualified for us - born in germany to peruvian parents? at least according to the google machine.

Zach McNally said...

With Wood and Gyau able to fly up the right side, I would think this team could do worse than Josh Gatt as RB. He seems to do well enough there for his team, although i understand its not his natural position. Also, I think Valentin could be a really good player on that side as well.

Neither Lletget nor Mixx do enough defensively for your taste?

Im a little worried about center back. Boss is an enigma and I've never seen Brooks play (although I hear good things).

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Michael: I actually have no idea.

@ Zach:

I'm going to be very clear about my personal stance on this stuff: I will not condone any more moving players out of their best positions. Drives me berzerk.

If a position move takes away the player's best attribute(s), it is an absolute no go by me. Moving Gatt to right back does this. Plus, he was only playing there for Molde because they had no one else worth a damn. He is NOT a right back, let alone an international caliber right back. The phrase "He's played there" means nothing to me. I don't see why club coaches should dictate USMNT selection and tactical policy - which is basically what happens when we judge where to play people by what once happened at their club. Merely having played somewhere is not qualification at the international level.

As for Lletget and Mix (I have no idea why the USSF and reporters keep writing his name with two x's - that is incorrect), neither is a #6.

Mix is a #10 that plays on a team without the #10 in their formation, so he plays more like a #8 for them. Lletget is about the same type.

Greg Seltzer said...

Oh... and Gyau usually works from the left wing as a cut-in striking winger type.

Jay said...

To quote the MLSS:

"[T]here could be more MLS representatives joining Porter’s squad as the playoffs shake out. Possible additions include Freddy Adu, Teal Bunbury, Juan Agudelo, Michael Stephens, Danny Cruz, Luis Gil, Amobi Okugo and Sheannon Williams.

As the camp is running concurrently with Jurgen Klinsmann’s full national team camp in France and Slovenia, national team regulars who are age-eligible for the U-23s such as Jozy Altidore, Brek Shea, Timothy Chandler, Bill Hamid and Danny Williams aren’t likely to join Porter’s group."

Obviously this is some staffer's speculation, BUT the suggestion makes sense given previous senior MNT camps.

I'm as big a Gil-proponent as anyone, but USSF did just name new coaches for the U-20 and U-18 teams. It might suggest that Gil is slated for some appearances lower on the ladder before he appears for the U-23 team. After all, he's eligible for the next two Olympics.

Greg, how does Renken look these days? Two successive knee injuries can change a kid.

Finally, is there some knowledge you can impart on Fennell, McCargo, Stanko, and Wooten? Those are names I don't think I've seen before.

Zach McNally said...

I don't have a concrete opinion either way on moving players from there "natural" position, but let's be honest: it happens all the time. So far Klinsi has played Williams, Donovan, and Dempsey out of there "natural" roles. SAF has Valencia play RB and Rooney playing Scholes. So it does happen, whether it should or not... Depends on the player.

Greg Seltzer said...

Club procedure and country procedure are vastly different things. And as I said, that way of thinking essentially puts club coaches in charge of how we station players for the US.

For me, it's a no go. For me, there is a HUGE difference between playing a guy who can play different places at the highest level at different places, and moving players. Just because Donovan can shift to left wing doesn't mean just anyone can shift anywhere.

And just because some club needed emergency cover a couple times, that doesn't mean that player is suddenly multifunctional at the international level.

Greg Seltzer said...

The word I get is Renken is looking good, knocking on the door of Hoffenheim II.

Wooten is a athletic, physical striker with some touch to him.

I'm not well-versed on Fennell, McCargo and Stanko yet. I will get to see them in person in Germany, though.

C. Goldkamp said...

Wow, Morales got called up to the senior team as a defender. John and Gonzalez have to be upset.

Michael F said...

hey greg fyi - sciaretta reported that morales' father moved to the us and served in the military, assuming that's how he got his us citizenship/eligibility