Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's that time again... already. (updated)

Sheesh. A couple more years and my silly season work will precede Christmas music at the mall. In any event, I am here to drop a couple of quick tidbits, just to offer some needed clarity...
  • First off, allow me to clarify that the F-Word interest recently revealed by Chris Wondolowski is not current. In fact, the Kakkerlakken had a bid for the San Jose ace rejected last winter. As of now, I don't believe they are looking for a striker and I doubt they have the money for it anyway.

    As for what is current in his scene, look for that morsel at MLSS later.
  • My super-mega confirmation list of clubs that have called about and/or come in person to watch FC Dallas winger Brek Shea feature for the USMNT has expanded. I'll repeat the list below, with the newly uncovered denoted by boldface.

    AC Milan, Anderlecht, AZ, Blackburn, Bolton, Dinamo Kyiv, Dinamo Moscow, Fulham, Hamburg, Juventus, Liverpool, Newcastle, PSV Eindhoven, Roda JC, Schalke, Spartak Moscow, Sporting CP, Stoke City, Sunderland, Werder Bremen, West Ham United

    And, by the way... there are three more exciting names I'm nearly sure about and others I've just not pegged at all yet. Plus, I sat a few seats from Arsene Wenger at the US-France friendly, so adding Arsenal (his temporary training home) seems more than appropriate.
  • Let's talk more Mo Edu. Since my MLSS report yesterday, I've arrived to a point where I can almost fully confirm that Sochaux is also among the interested parties. At least enough to let you in on it, let's put it that way. I think it's about time for a new challenge for Mo, and I think it's a great idea if he can seal the right move.
  • After his trial, Örebro made an offer for IFK Mariehamn keeper Josh Wicks. It was rejected and, thus far, there has not been a second bid.
  • Finally, people keep asking me if I know where David Beckham will go, usually asking if he's going to PSG. Every Parisien who learned I was an American soccer journalist asked me this last week. I keep saying that I do not believe he is going there, that I think he stays in Los Angeles. Enquiring people most often have looked at me like I'm a silly boy drunk on chocolate.

    Well... here ya go.
  • UPDATE: I forgot one. Teal Bunbury set to train at Bolton (with perhaps a stop at Newcastle after that). As he would require an appeal victory to earn a UK work permit, I'll stop short of calling this a trial for him - but Owen Coyle can be very impressed during such stints (as we know) and he is still looking for a striker.

Later on today, Jacob drops by with the latest NextGen report and I'll have a belated Who likes goals?. Tomorrow, since I keep forgetting with so much going on, I'll catch everybody up on what a former American Abroad has been up to lately.

- Greg Seltzer


Tom said...

I really wish I got more Ligue 1 on the telly. Some really fun play. Russia might also be a neat one!

Greg Seltzer said...

You could not get me to play in Russia, no way. I'd guess that league is a lot more fun to watch than it is to be a player in - for an array of reasons.

Matt said...

And, by the way, Christmas music has been playing at the mall since Halloween. Crazy.

Eric Axelson said...

Greg - is there a direct link to your column on MLSS? I tend to go there and search for your name, but thought it'd be easier if I could bookmark a page.

andrés said...

Ditto on Eric's question. It makes no sense why MLS doesn't collect all the articles together for various reporters like every other news website.

bhamhawker said...

I think this is worth repeating to the masses, Greg:

John Harkes is out at ESPN.

You can't stress it enough.

strago said...


It's on the right hand side of the page. Thats as close as I can find to Greg's link on MLS Soccer.

Greg Seltzer said...

Yes, the Postcard From Europe archive and American Exports sections are linked at top right.

RM said...

Now that the MLS season is over and there are no more internationals until next year to scout him.

Any idea if there will be a transfer bid in the coming window?

Greg Seltzer said...

Brek says he will be in MLS next season and FC Dallas don't want to sell him, so I don't think it actually matters.

But, yeah, I suppose someone could test them all on it. Will someone? We shall find out together in time.

Lemons are yellow said...

Kakkerlakken??? What happened to objectivity, Greg:) I suppose you are an Ajax fan.