Saturday, November 19, 2011

LIVE: Battle of the Year final - Battle Born (USA) v Vagabonds (France)

Let's kick of championship weekend with the 2011 Battle of the Year final, which is about to start as I post. First, we will have popping/locking exhibitions, then we learn the finalists after semifinal battles Battle Born (USA) v 9 States (Japan) & favorites Vagabonds (France) v TPEC (Taiwan). Should Battle Born bring the title home to where hip hop was born, they will become the first American champ since 1998.

And my apologies, as I cannot figure out how to shut off auto-play.

: All the preliminaries are done. It's Battle Born (first U.S. finalist since '99) v Vagabonds for all the marbles. Can they pull the away upset? Game on.

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- Greg Seltzer

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