Thursday, November 3, 2011

Okay, I wasn't actually done.

First off, let me say that I do not wish for this to in any way seem like any commentary on or campaign against Alfredo Morales. He is a promising young player that I would consider an obvious Olympic choice. If he is going to play for the US and he is not eventually on that squad, I will be shocked (or, theoretically, just dismayed that he's not fit).

That out of the way, let's examine a quote from Jurgen Klinsmann about his summons:

"He is on the way to being a starter there, and he can play as either a #6 - a defensive midfielder - or as a right back."

The first part about him being 'on his way' to starting for Hertha Berlin is true enough, I suppose, but it's also kinda inadvertently misleading to me. The guy has 51 minutes in two games through 11 games for a promoted side currently treading water mid-table... in Germany. It seems the way that he's on still has a ways to go.

The second part is fully accurate. Morales is a defensive midfielder that can play a little right back. Fair enough. Small problem: five of the other 21 invitees are rather experienced defensive midfielder types, while two are bona fide right backs. Yes, I'm aware Timothy Chandler will likely continue at left back - of which we again have zero naturals. Even so, my obvious point stands (and it stands with a simultaneously running Under-23 camp scheduled for next week).

I guess what I'm saying is, while I like the tactical mindset changes I'm seeing from Klinsi, some of the things he's doing from a personnel standpoint are baffling. Maybe I don't have to get it yet - maybe this is to ensure Morales doesn't go play for Peru (not that I'd approve of that reasoning for the call). Either which way, in my view, we again will bring a lopsided squad when there's no reason to do so.

It's just a little curious to be repeating the same off blueprint, especially seven months away from the next competitive game.

- Greg Seltzer


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. If Klinsi sees something in Orozco Fiscal and Not Omar or George, I suppose that is his perogative. Wouldn't be the first coach who saw something nobody else did. However, to brand us as a attacking minded team and then call in 7 d mids (and play 3 of them at a time) is baffling. I can't get my mind over the Edu AND Beckerman over Klejstan thing.

strago said...

I also concur and don't really get what Klinsmann is trying to do here...

Will Parchman said...

I'd like to say this would have all been much easier had Holden never been injured, but Klinsi is borderline obsessed with dmids. I don't know that Stu would ever see the field.

bhamhawker said...

While I don't agree with what seems to be a vast opinion that Kljestan needs to be called in (I've never seen quality from him that makes me think he should be on a WC-level roster), it is baffling that Klinsi wants so many defensive-mids.

andrés said...

Let's not take this out of context. If anyone was obsessed with dmids it was Bob; up until the last stage of his time with the USMNT at least. Back then, if you played attacking midfield, you better hope that you can play from the wings because Bob was always going to use 2 dmids against tough opponents. And the answer is simple...(drum roll)...our defense sucks. I suppose Klinsmann has come to the same conclusion. He'd really like to mold a team around a player like Torres but that's moot right now. Right now, we are defensively oriented and imo it's worked in recent games.

JohnC said...

Come on Andres I know Bob Bradley hate is easy but he never played more than two at a time and typically went with a rotation of 3. Klinsmann is not only calling too many into camp he is playing two and then putting another into a forced position, like Bradley has the AM/F behind a true striker or Danny Williams at wing. Also, it is not just the starting lineups, look what happens when he needs to make subs, he has brought Larentowitz to play wing before or plays two true strikers in a system with only a role for one.

I just don't get why this kid is at the big boy camp. Why do Mix, Gatt and others have to grow through the different age groups but this kid and danny williams jump right into the full national team. He has played 51 minutes for a midtable Bund team. Ricardo Clark played more than that and I did't hear anyone crying for him.

Greg Seltzer said...

Hmmm... Bradley almost always had either Feilhaber or Kljestan in camp, if not both, plus he brought back Adu and debuted Mix.

Bradley may not have always played them, but he usually brought along attacking midfielders (and actual left backs).