Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I almost forgot.

It's been a busy day, but I'm finally here with your "fourth day of (TBD)" goodie. Actually... it's an effect-delayed goodie.

The other day, U.S. Under-17 playmaker Alejandro Guido completed his second visit to Vitesse. During his six weeks there, he often trained with the first team and played some friendlies with the reserves. By all accounts, the youngster was very impressive and he's fit in well with the Gelredome crew.

As he does not turn 18 until March, there can be no deal yet. As such waits go, things could change. But, as of now, it looks likely that Guido will join the team in spring. If the midfielder goes Dutch, he will be ignoring interest from a gaggle of Mexican admirers all willing to snap him up to do so.

Related side note: Previously, eight Americans have joined an Eredivisie side as a teen (Michael Bradley, Eddy Hamel, David Johnson, Charles Kazlauskus, Lee Nguyen, John O'Brien, Robbie Rogers & Earnie Stewart). Analyze that info as you wish.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Not suggesting causality, but it does seem that joining an Eredivisie team as a teen is closely correlated with USMNT success.

Exciting stuff.

Matt said...

And I bet that kid never got any stick for his last name.

Jay said...

I hope you're not suggesting that he has a 1 in 8 chance of being murdered by Germans.

Jay said...