Monday, December 19, 2011

It's official: Twitter hates thoroughly unofficial NSC holiday celebrationing

I was tracking this, but clearly doing so slightly late: Edson Buddle's agent just tweeted (sweet Moses, I hate that website) that his client is set to trial at West Ham United. It seems the new Ingolstadt coach is looking to shed payroll, hence the early winter vacation for the US international.

Don't worry, I still have enough to complete the eight days of goodies for you.

- Greg Seltzer


heythisisrobbie said...

I love the idea of releasing something every day, Greg.

It's like opening up those windows with a different piece of candy in them every day.

Michael F said...

does the 8 days of goodies start tomorrow per chance? crossing my fingers.

Cam said...
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Cam said...

is it true that jonathan spektor was offered a new contract at west ham in the off season? and if so why did he go to birmingham?

jon said...

Cam, the lure of playing in European competition probably played a part.