Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've got mail! (updated)

A regular NSC email-writer just jokingly asked me how long it took to research the assists portion of today's Running The Numbers edition of Postcard From Europe, kindly suggesting I may have some treatable psycho-soccer disorder.

A: Best I can recall/estimate, somewhere between nine and a dozen hours.


I'll just wheel myself into the ward now.

UPDATE: Speaking of embarrassing admissions, I just noticed one glaring error when tidying up my scratch tabulation pad; Earnie Stewart is a runaway tops in European goals with 115. All I can say is, my scratch pad is messy with phone numbers/shorthand quotes/various other scribbles and it was a late night transfer from paper to computer. I fully apologize with a red face, the bonehead flub will be corrected on the Postcard (if it hasn't been already).

What a messed-up, flipped about day in Mokum. And then, frustration crept in...

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Fortunately for you, your error came on a big news day. It looks like your previous two posts sucked up everyone's comments for the day.

And, I have to say, between the grammar lessons today on NSC, and the theoretical possibilities of fan violence as an in-game strategy, it's been a content-rich day on NSC. My head hurts even thinking about where to draw the line on defending one's self when confronted by a rabid, drunk lunatic charging you from the stands.

And, hey, Earnie Stewart scored a lot of goals. And you just reminded us of that.

Greg Seltzer said...

Even if nobody noticed, it would bother me for a few days. I HATE making a silly mistake like that.

I would just hate it more not to admit it ASAP.