Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've turned NSC into a Dutch police scanner. (updated)

While also announcing that the referee had acted properly, the KNVB rescinded Estaban Alvarado's red card. No word yet about the status of the suspended game.

UPDATE: The lawyer for last night's invading attacker made a statement on behalf of his client. Basically, he admitted what he did was "dumb" and offered this read apology to Alvarado, then said he wanted to accept his legal punishment.

Unsurprisingly, the lawyer said his client had no plan to personally face the keeper to apologize. Finally using his brain rather late, eh?

- Greg Seltzer

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tom said...

It sounds like the KNVB wants this problem to go away quickly.

My prediction now, they will simply play the game from where it was suspended, with Estaban in goal.