Friday, December 30, 2011

My joke set-up: Gosh, who would have guessed...

... the Prem has become just a vacation home for MLS veterans after another paycheck.

Just kidding. But seriously, my how times have changed for American soccer. If anybody back home still holds any sort of inferiority complex about our domestic league, just go ahead and leave it out. The kid is alright if a big English club in and aiming to return to the Champions League can feel like turning to the oldest feature striker in MLS play.

- Greg Seltzer


DrewVT6 said...

Watching Henry this year(live and on TV) reminded me of Larry Bird once his back injury took hold or MJ with the Wizards. There were flashes of brilliance but no sustained awesomeness that made them so great.

Tony M said...

Greg: You're right. But the nay sayers will always find some way to turn this in a slap at MLS