Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No, this is not the "forced goodie"

However, I need to jump in here real quick. A Swedish report or two from last night ran that U. of Virginia forward Brian Span was signing with Örebro. It makes sense as he trialed there this summer and the club liked him.

However, I have great reason to believe he is actually joining Djurgårdens IF. They won't admit it to me, but my info and their reaction to my questioning has me all but certain he's about to be a Blue Stripe. The word I have is he's there taking a medical to complete the move.

Am I pretty stupid for posting something like this over a relatively minor scoop when everybody already knew he was headed to Sweden? Almost certainly.

But am I right? We shall soon see.

- Greg Seltzer


strago said...

Are you ever wrong?


RM said...

Rogers to Leeds, Your thoughts?

Greg Seltzer said...

@ strago: Sometimes, it makes me nervous. I have very helpful birdies.

@ RM: I think, but can not yet be sure, that this Mail "report" is premature.

Mike said...

How was Rogers able to play in Holland back in the day? Does he have a passport? Just wondering if he will be able to get a work permit in England

JNoble said...

Hey Greg where is the forced goodie?