Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the seventh day of whatchacallit...

Merry Christmas to most of you out there, and a happy Chinese food meal to everyone else. For the next-to-last day of goodie-palooza, let's get everybody up to speed with the curious case of Omar Gonzalez.

Of course, he's been reportedly linked to interest from teams on both sides of the Atlantic drink, with some of teams named accurately and others not. I'm not going to reveal anything about which clubs those papers got right or wrong just now, but I will confirm that he's had calls from England (where they fully realize he probably cannot get a work permit yet), France, Germany, Mexico and Russia.

None of these admirers are serious at this time, and I can also offer you a pretty good assurance that he won't be turning up with a Mexican club any time soon. He likes being in Los Angeles and would move toward Europe, if anywhere.

It's not even January yet, so you never now, but I'm assuming he'll be with the Galaxy when the MLS season starts. That being said, he definitely does have a few interesting clubs keeping an eye on him from afar.

- Greg Seltzer

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