Friday, December 23, 2011

Tardiness does not get one on the naughty list.

As I sorted out my goodies satchel for today's offering, it occurred to me suddenly that I forgot to drop one yesterday. Thus, I owe two in this post. And so it will be done.

  • First, I am going to corroborate/elaborate on a report from the always fine Columbus Dispatch's Adam Jardy. I often come to knock things down, this time I'm here to tell you the Crew beat writer has everything head-of-the-nail. Robbie Rogers does indeed have multiple MLS clubs, the unvisited pair of Blackburn and Leeds, plus at least one team on the continent more than interested in signing him right now.

    However... I can add that the free agent winger did go work out with a mystery English club in the general Lancashire/West Yorkshire area for some days following his training run at Kaiserslautern. Of course, that zone of the map is littered with first and second flight sides that would all heavily sweat a work permit appeal. Whatever that UK Home Office case may be, that makes at least three suitors for his services from that general region of England.
  • Topic #2: San Jose forward Chris Wondolowski could be the subject of a January offer from Odense BK. In case you're not keeping score at home, OB have finished as SAS Liga runners up the last three years, as well as top four in nine of the previous 10 seasons. Fellow Danes AGF Aarhus also like him, but have a few other possible strike catches ahead of him on their list.

- Greg Seltzer


The Clueless Yank said...

So Burnley is the third club.

Greg Seltzer said...

How do you figure? Even if you leave off the Manchester two and Liverpool, there are seven EPL and C'ship clubs not named Blackburn or Leeds in the area I mentioned - plus another four just outside that zone.

Jay said...

It's just laughs a minute around here.

The Clueless Yank said...

Only because Burnley practically sits on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The Clueless Yank said...

Blackburn fans rib Burnley fans by referring to them as living in a "small town in Yorkshire."

Greg Seltzer said...

Okay... that alone does not ensure it is Burnley, though. There are six other possibilities in that area (not including the Manchester sides, Liverpool, Blackburn and Leeds):

Barnsley, Blackpool, Bolton, Doncaster, Everton, Stoke and Wigan are in that area, plus Derby, Forest, Hull, Leicester and five Birmingham-area sides that aren't far outside of it.