Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Taylor did it.

We're on the wait for a goal clip (that may or may not arrive today) as Tony Taylor potted a penalty near halftime of Atlético CP's 2-2 draw with Freamunde. The American had his side up two and looking like reclaiming first place, but a late red card and two later leaked goals forced a share.

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Any thoughts on the Preston Zimmerman Twitter fiasco? I wonder if his opinion is widely shared in MLS circles. He seemed like a pretty even keeled guy based on the interviews I've read (including yours) so this was surprising coming from him. Makes me think he's probably voicing what other folks closer to being actually selected can't.

Greg Seltzer said...

Here's where I stand on this (aside from continuing to not like Twitter)... I'd gather that there is some frustration when the coach talks about some of the things he does and goes on these searches in foreign lands. I'm also assuming that Preston was having a bit of heat about it and maybe didn't word a couple things as he'd do in speech longer than 140 characters.

To my experience, Preston does have an even-keeled demeanor - but that doesn't preclude one from putting foot in mouth or however one sees this.

And yes, I'd also assume that somebody or another closer to the team has more of this frustration.

As for my personal thoughts, I will wait until I've talked to Preston to even fully form something like that, let alone air it.

Matt said...

It certainly seems like it was in response to something specific. Would be good to get some context.