Thursday, December 22, 2011

They said what? - Ajax v AZ Cup Kookiness Edition

It's been a strange December for Ajax, to say the least. I could do a whole other post on a wackiness rundown, but let's gather focus and get back into the rubble from last night's suspended Ajax v AZ cup match.

I had a few words to say and you've added in some of yours. Now, let's hear some morning after comments from the folks involved...

The KNVB, on what happens next with the actual match:

"There are three options: the game is [resumed], the game is replayed or the respective position is regarded as the final score."

Referee Bas Nijhuis, on his red card decision:

"I am a referee and I have to obey the rules. The rules say in this case I had to give Esteban a red card. I understand that Esteban was defending himself, but he walked to him and kicked him multiple times. He could also have walked away, he could have stopped kicking. Anyway, it is a black day for Dutch football. There are only losers."

Ajax manager Frank de Boer, on the actions of Esteban Alavardo and Gertjan Verbeek:

"Maybe I would have done the same thing, maybe not. But emotionally I do understand it. I understand the decision of Alkmaar because of all the emotion at that moment."

AZ chairman Toon Gebrands:

"AZ is reasonably the victim of this situation and shall surely not accept a penalty. I take that the KNVB will solve Esteban's situation in a good manner. It can certainly not be that AZ must later (restart) the match with 10 men."

A poster on the official F-Side forum that claimed to be sitting near the offender, who he says was loudly expressing his hatred for Alvarado the entire game while being egged on by his friends with a 50 bet:

"The hardcore supporters do not know this man. His actions did not consider our hard luck. What an idiot!! He infected the whole night, the 1-0 lead, we already have enough shit and this idiot does this on top of all that - not to be believed."

Ajax exec Jeroen Sloop, on the incident and discussions directly after:

"This was a terrible incident and we deeply regret it and offer our sincere apologies... Ajax offered to put additional stewards around the pitch to ensure their safety and play the game, but AZ stuck to their decision."

Dutch players' union chief Danny Hesp, on Alvarado's fate:

"This cannot lead to a suspension. We will do everything we can to fight this."

A spokesman from the union of Ajax's largest supporter's groups:

"It is again such an evening that 35,000 people who are enjoying a bit of football become victims to one nut. We are all angry."

Jozy Altidore, via his Twitter account:

"Estaban!!! Estaban!!! Estaban!!!"

- Greg Seltzer

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Phil McCracken said...

I know that I missed the big dialogue from the earlier post, but one thing that I think gets overlooked here is the mental effect that this attack had on the AZ players. This must have been extremely unsettling to Esteban's teammates as they're seeing a teammate being attacked by a stranger. Even after this nut job was subdued, the AZ players can't be in the right mental state to just resume the match as if nothing has happened.

I think that neither team should be punished because of this and the match should resume at a later date with full sides & stands with Ajax up 1-0. Anything less than that would be totally unfair to both clubs.

Looking forward to getting back to the silly season gossip.