Monday, December 5, 2011

To me, this is a big deal.

The best answer for a new USMNT system? More of it, sooner. Now, we are actually fully designed to make these leaps we like to to talk about. Claudio Reyna is THE MAN.

And gosh, I did not even recognize former Steamers goal monster Don Ebert at first.

- Greg Seltzer


Mike M said...

Yea, definitely a big deal. If I remember right, it's still maybe just half of the teams though, with the others looking to move towards that schedule in the future.

Greg Seltzer said...

With a country our size, half is still much larger numbers than most of the countries we're chasing (not Brazil, of course).

truth said...

This is why so many of us were in favor of Klinsmann as coach. He is trying to change the system, not just manage the players who emerge from the inadequate existing system.

Devin Mathias said...

what truth said is, well, the truth.

Jay said...

Claudio Reyna was hired well before Klinsmann was.

Until someone proves to me that Klinsy was behind this and other youth initiatives, I presume that it's the guy in charge (Reyna, natch) who's pulling those strings.