Monday, December 12, 2011

WPS in ICU... or is it purgatory?

The supposed deadline for WPS to find a sixth owner has come and gone. The 15-day grace period set by US Soccer passed last Monday with little fanfare or, more notably, outcry. While the silence was deafening, it appears that no news is good news for women's soccer in this country. At least for now.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, league officials met with the US Soccer's Professional League Task Force to discuss the future of the league. The outcome being that the league has an unspecified amount of time to continue looking for owners while the federation contemplates the possibility of giving Division I sanctioning to a five-team league.

US Soccer doesn't seem to be repulsed by the idea of such a league, but the issue is time-sensitive. There are players and owners in financial limbo with certainly uncertain amounts of patience to be considered. A fair amount of hot air has been floating around about league expansion, specifically into the Hartford area, but for now, the league is more concerned with courting the approval of the federation. The size of the league and the future sanctioning of the league are undoubtedly tied together, but US Soccer's deliberations are being given the most immediate consideration.

As Atlanta Beat owner, who was a member of the league delegation Tuesday put it, "Time is of the essence."

Again, kudos to William Bretherton at the Marietta Daily Journal. This whole situation's been getting scarily little coverage. The petition to US Soccer to preserve the league can be read and signed here.

- Jacob Klinger

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Sanctioning approved, with as-yet unrevealed qualifiers: