Thursday, December 15, 2011

You can go away again

I love it... Landon Donovan on Moysie's side - Part Deux.

- Greg Seltzer


RM said...

A two month loan??

this is almost unheard of.


Jon said...

8 weeks is a vacation. If this kid had any balls, it will be permanent.

Greg Seltzer said...

Let's face reality and accept it. Landon is happy living in SoCal. That's his personal preference and (after questioning him years ago) I respect that. Far be it from me to insist someone not do what makes them happy in life.

For Everton, they are dying for some offense with empty pockets. He will be theirs just long enough to ensure they have no relegation scrape.

jon said...

Other jon, Everton couldn't afford to make it permanent even if Landon wanted to do it.

strago said...

Everton do have "some" money left from the Arteta sale I believe. I seem to recall reading the bank didnt take all of it. However, would they use some or all of that on a 29 yr old? Highly unlikely.

Best case scenario is he stays the rest of the EPL.

strago said...

So it looks like Everton netted around:

$17M GBP last transfer window, because they didnt buy anyone.